Review: Hostage Zero (Jonathan Grave #2) by John Gilstrap

Hostage Zero - John Gilstrap

A good continuation of the Jonathan Grave Series!

What I liked:  I find Mr. Gilstrap's writing very easy to read and fall into the story.  While the storylines in the series seem far from the realms of possibility, they are extremely entertaining to me.  I get lost in the story and love that feeling.

Jonathan and his crew are intriguing characters who I've come to like and enjoy.  Each has their own distinct personalities and quirks.  I like the idea of Jonathan's character.  He does what needs to be done and as often as possible without killing.  But, if killing is necessary, he doesn't hesitate.  He's idealistic but practical.  What I'm saying is, I guess, I like the characters much more than the storyline.  The plot is horrific to even think about but I could actually see some of the atrocities happening, especially in today's world.

What I didn't like: This was not a block bluster or break out novel.  It was just good.  Good isn't a bad thing but it is good enough that I will continue to read the series.

Overall, a new author I will try to read as time permits.  Not one I would drop everything for but when I need a thriller, Mr. Gilstrap is one I'll look to.