Review: Blood Games (Chicagoland Vampires #10) by Chloe Neill

Blood Games - Chloe Neill

Are we going to finally have a Chicagoland Vampire book without Merit-Ethan angst??

What I liked:  Merit is truly one of my female character heroes! She seems to handle just about anything and while you know it's tearing her up, she just does what has to be done!  I mean really, Ms Neill has put Merit through the crapper, so to speak.  Merit keeps on keeping on.

Blood Games is no exception to Merit's merry go round ride.  Ethan is being Ethan AGAIN! I know he's old and has some pretty old fashioned ideas but my gosh! He's progressed with the times in every other area of his life but not his "macho", I'll handle it on my own, Merit doesn't need to know.  After all their ups and downs, he should be more than confident in Merit's love.  Not the case in Blood Games.  Man, I was back to wanting to swat him.  I know, I know...he's hot, I get it but he doesn't give Merit enough credit.  Okay, rant over!

You get two stories running side by side in Blood Games.  Of course, Ethan's challenging for the President of the GP and then there is a series of murders with magical connotations. It's really nice to see Merit's grandfather and his crew back in action and finally with a good budget to do what they need to do.  It was also great to see things sorting themselves out with Merit and Mallory and Catcher and Mallory.  Thank goodness.  I hated the cowed Mallory.  She's getting her confidence back and her snark.

I didn't find any big surprises in Blood Games (well, except the ending!) but it does move the story along.  With the big change in the vampire council (can't be more specific due to spoiler stuff), what's going to happen with all the vampires? What's going to happen with Merit's standing in the Red Gu
ard?  See, lots of questions but no answers until the next book!!

What I didn't like: I really have a hard time with Ethan bouncing all over the place (see rant above). His hotness isn't overcoming his insecurities and macho crap.  Sorry, that's just how I feel.  Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Games.

Is Blood Games my favorite in the series? No way but I do so enjoy Merit and most of the other characters. I found it a quick, entertaining read with the series still developing.  I would love to know the end game and what about the baby??  Can't wait for the next in the series!

Highly Recommend!!