Review: Terminated by Ray Daniel

Terminated - Ray Daniel

Not a bad read but not the best I've read.

What I liked:  I enjoyed Ms Daniel's writing style.  It was well paced and flowed smoothly.  

Tucker's character was so-so.  I can't even imagine loosing my spouse but Mr Daniel turns Tucker's loss into a burning quest to know exactly why his wife was murdered.  Terminated kept me interested enough to finish but I found good stopping points throughout.

What I didn't like: It didn't set me on fire with the question: Who did it and why? I just wanted to finish.  Overall, I read it and finished it.

The kicker on Terminated is the price.  I received my copy from NetGalley at no cost.  If I paid what Amazon or Barnes & Noble is asking, after reading Terminated I would have been upset.  But, I wouldn't pay the prices as Mr Daniel is an unknown author to me.  He's talented but hasn't reached the riveting stage.

Borrow this book if interested but I would not recommend buying at the current prices.