Dolly Reviews: Kissed by Ice (Sunwalker Saga #5) by Shéa MacLeod

Kissed by Ice - Shéa MacLeod

Great addition to the Sunwalker Saga!!

What I liked:  I really enjoy all the troubled waters Morgan finds herself treading in Kissed by Ice.  The last book was a bit frustrating for me due to the length and the ending (no spoilers!).  This novel read longer, if that makes sense.  It didn't drag but so much was packed into it, it felt longer.

Oh, Indigo.  I'm in a bit of a quandary about his whole situation and Morgan being in limbo.  Yep, nuff said there without spoilers.  Makes you want to know, doesn't it?  So no hot sex scenes but a new hot male is introduced in this installment. Can't wait to see what happens with Haakon in upcoming books.  

Kissed by Ice is action driven and character driven in a way.  We learn more about  secondary character, Eddie, and I loved what Ms MacLeod did with his back story.  I always knew there was more to him than had been revealed.

I really enjoy reading Ms MacLeod's novels.  The flow well, the editing is top notch and they more than hold my interest!

What I didn't like:  I missed more Jack in Kissed by Ice.  I know he's been a bit of an a*s in previous books but he was almost a nonentity and for a Guardian, that didn't sit well with me.

Overall, a good, strong, read for me.  And one of the best parts, the surprise ending.  Yep, can't wait for the next one.