Review: Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) by Ilona Andrews Releases: 29 July 2014

Magic Breaks - Ilona Andrews

An action packed roller coaster ride!!  Brilliantly inventive, smoothly plotted, Magic Breaks will NOT let you put it down until the very last sentence!!

There are some books I just can't review in my normal format.  Magic Breaks is one of them.  I read it twice before I even tried to write this review.  I think we were all on the edge of our seats and wiping  tears from our eyes at the end of Magic Rises, at least I was. Magic Breaks picks up not long after Magic Rises...

First things first, I loved the idea Ilona Andrews used to list the major characters in the beginning of the book.  It not only helps new readers but jogged my memory on many things.  In addition, the synopsis provided by Barabas' journal entry did the same for the storyline.  I was very glad we get some if not most of Ghastek's back story.  

And now the nitty gritty.  Magic Breaks takes off from the get go.  Take a deep breath and just go with it.  There's no other way to read/listen to this story.  Like most readers of the Kate Daniels series, we've been anxiously awaiting Kate's meeting with her father, Roland.  We knew it was coming and this is it or is it?

Hugh (as*hole) d'Ambray makes an early entrance and shakes things up, a lot.  ***Spoiler maybe. For those of you who thought Hugh wasn't as bad as he should have been in Magic Rises, he more than makes up for it in this story***

I'm not going to mention or go over they synopsis of Magic Breaks.  What I would like to talk about is the writing and it's effect on me.  This is probably one of the most dazzling pieces of work I've read in a while.  The action is intense almost from the very beginning.  I wanted to hold my breath and not let go.  You'd think this might not be a good thing because somewhere you have to breathe, right? Well, that's the next thing...the pacing/flow of the story.

The pacing just kept you going.  There were build ups to each event and even when one "problem" was solved, it segued right into the next situation.  Very smoothly and cleverly done on Ms/Mr Andrews' part.  The range of feelings evoked by each major scene is unbelievable.  I was cheering, I was crying and my stomach was tense and sometimes upset!  That's how I like my books.  Magic Breaks more than delivered!

The plotting of this story was just awe inspiring.  I knew from interviews and other media events, the story arc was going to be completed in Magic Breaks and the Andrews' planned more books.  How would this work?  Would there be a huge let down at the end?  Would it be like a "new" Kate Daniels series with the next book? While Magic Breaks is everything I could have wished for, the ending was jaw dropping and just lip smacking, bloody brilliant.  I have no other words.  It was done so cleverly, I just could not believe it!!  I wanted to stand up and yell "Bravo"! (Now I wonder, is this the ending the Andrews always had in store or did it change with their contract for more books in the series? Inquiring minds want to know).

Yep, I was that impressed.  There are reasons Magic Breaks will not be my favorite in the series (I can't say because there are spoilers.  Plus after reading it the second time through, I realized there was no other way to do what had to be done) but it is one of the top 3!!  I also can't wait to get the audio book.  I was very lucky to get an ARC.  I have my signed hardcover copy on pre-order and can't wait to hear it on audio!

Don't miss this book!! If you've not read this series yet, why not?  You'll absolutely love it.

Highly Recommended for all readers!!