Review: No Mercy (Jonathan Grave #1) by John Gilstrap

No Mercy (A Jonathan Grave Thriller) - John Gilstrap

No Mercy was money well spent.  Actually, I got it on sale for $0.99.  Dang I hate starting yet another series but it's a good one!

What I liked: For a first in a series, I was pretty impressed.  This is my first book by Mr Gilstrap and of course, it won't be my last. (Actually, I've already read the next in the series, Hostage Zero).  The pacing and plotting of No Mercy is excellent.  The beginning drew me right in and set the tone for the whole book.

I enjoyed the characters very much, especially the females.  They were not one dimentional.  They were fleshed out and were not just characterizations for female readers.  I also enjoyed the dual view point.  I was wondering how Mr Gilstrap was going to tie them together and he didn't disappoint.  

What I didn't like:  Many things in No Mercy are implausible but I could suspend belief enough to go with the story.  What I couldn't and still don't understand is a major security breach Mr Gilstrap incorporated into the storyline.  It felt too convenient and seemed a weak tool to set up a scene.  Everything Jonathan did is so well thought out and planned, he left an opening in his security?? (Can't say more without spoilers) 

A good solid thriller that hooked me from the beginning and I will continue with the series for sure!