Review: Power Play (FBI Thriller #18) by Catherine Coulter

Power Play (An FBI Thriller) - Catherine Coulter

Completely entertaining and a quick read!

What I liked: Ms Coulter's style of writing is just easy to read.  The words and the descriptions flow so well you forget you're reading a book.  It feels like you're living an adventure!

What I really like about this series is you seem to get two stories in one book.  I think I've said that before but it needs to be reiterated.  There is always a main story and then usually one "on the side" featuring Savich and Sherlock.  The intensity of each story varies which keeps the book moving along.  The humor woven into the characters just adds another dimension.  I know in my head the FBI doesn't really work the way Savich and Sherlock operate but my heart loves the stories and all the characters.  

The well written and developed, they are your friends and you always want to catch up.  The characters don't just appear and disappear once the book ends either.  They are always mentioned in later books and you get to catch up with their stories and their lives.

Power Play caught me right from the start.  Great opening chapters drew me in and I became invested in the story.  I couldn't put it down until several chapters in.  If you follow Ms Coulter on any social media, you know she loves football.  I thought the inception of a female sports writer/blogger was a great use of Ms Coulter's love of sports.  Since I too like sports, I connected instantly with one of the main characters, 

What I didn't like: This is just me talking but I would love to just read a Savich and Sherlock story without another story running with it.  Don't get me wrong, I love two stories in one book but I'm ready for an all Savich and Sherlock book!

Overall, I know what I'm going to get in an FBI thriller written by Ms Coulter.  Eighteen books in and I'm still buying them, so that says a lot!!

Recommended for Catherine Coulter fans and mystery lovers.