Review: The Colonel's Mistake (The Sava Series #1) by Dan Mayland

The Colonel's Mistake - Dan Mayland

Really caught and held my interest!

What I liked:  I sincerely enjoyed Mr Mayland's writing style.  It was a good steady pace, descriptive and well ordered.  You think that's sounds boring, right?  Not in the least.  Thrillers that jump all over the place just confuse and frustrate me.  The Colonel's Mistake was logical without giving too much away too soon. The suspense/thriller part was done just right for me.

I also loved the characters.  Mark Sava, a former CIA station chief is my kind of guy.  Most thrillers would make him kick ass and infallible.  The surprise, he's neither.  He's certainly smart but he's not exactly a young man and the writing and plot of the story do him credit.  He's also interesting as he's older.  Mark doesn't make the snap decisions a younger agent might, which I appreciated.  He thought things through before making a decision, which didn't mean he dithered.  

Daria on the other hand is the perfect foil for Mark.  She's younger and more impulsive.  Of course, this causes some problems and helps move the story along.  I really enjoyed the setting for this book.  I've not read too many novels set in the former Soviet Union.  Mr Mayland's descriptions painted a good picture for me and the customs intrigued me.

What I didn't like:  One of the things I liked, also drove me a bit crazy at times.  Mark being so deliberate about each decision, made me want to shake him.  There were a few, very few places where I felt the novel seemed to drag but I always expect this with the first in a series.  

I liked and enjoyed The Colonel's Mistake enough to immediately order the next in the series.  Now I just have to find time to read it!!