Review: Fatal Fortune (Psychic Eye Mystery #12) by Victoria Laurie

Fatal Fortune: - Victoria Laurie

Another entertaining entry in the Psychic Eye Mystery series.  

What I liked: Fatal Fortune is a fun, quick, easy to read book.  Ms Laurie has a sense of humor that won't quit and thus her lead character, Abby, always makes me smile.  This book picks up not too long after the last and Abby and Dutch are settling into married life, as is her BFF, Candice Fusco, now married to Abby's boss in the FBI.

I love how Dutch and Abby know each other so well and can more or less predict what the other will do in any situation.  Abby has a tendency to get into loads of trouble and Dutch just rolls with the punches and pulls her out when she's in to deep.

I especially love the relationship between Abby and Candice.  They back each other all the way and stand together.  Although Abby gets into enough trouble on her own, put her with Candice and they are trouble magnets.  For a change, Candice gets into her own quagmire without Abby's help.  

To me, the series is all about the relationships within.  The mystery isn't hard to figure out, but the why's a little more so.  It's Abby's loyalty to Candice that drives Fatal Fortune.  This series has evolved and grown not only with the characters but Ms Laurie's writing is smoother and flows better.  

What I didn't like:  This is a biggie for me.  Having read this series from the beginning, I was very disappointed in what felt like a gimmick to make us question Candice's innocence.  If it was my BFF, I wouldn't believe anything until I had a chance to actually sit down and talk with her.  I would give her the complete benefit of the doubt!!  Can't explain without spoilers, sorry!

Overall, a good addition to the series and I love to laugh when I read, which I did.  

Recommended for fans of the series and mystery fans!