Review: Total Silence (Tango Key Mysteries #3) by T.J. MacGregor

Total Silence (The Mira Morales Series Book 3) - T.J. MacGregor

Still loving this series three books in!!  Ms MacGregor's writing style is one of my favorites.

What I liked:  I sincerely enjoy the characters of the Tango Key Mysteries. They're not infallible and not super human.  They get mad, make mistakes but essentially they are human, some with a bit of extra abilities.

The previous books built the foundation and I felt with Total Silence, Ms MacGregor was able to add that something more to make an intriguing read. Shep's past law enforcement work catches up to those closest to him when an unhinged woman decides to make him suffer. 

The portrayal and looks inside Allie's twisted mind, left me a bit weak.  I know there are "sick" people out there, but Allie just down right gave me the creeps. Depicting Allie's character was a strong suit of Total Silence.  As a matter of fact, the characters are the draw for me. 

Ms MacGregor doesn't pull any punches with anything in her books.  Murdering characters in the very beginning of the story is a ballsy way to start a book.  It was creepy and I loved it!

What I didn't like:  In the previous books, I'd noticed some editing problems but they didn't seem to bother me too much, but all the books I've read so far could use major editing help.  Maybe because I read them all so close together but in Total Silence, the misspelling drove me crazy.  In some instances, I couldn't even tell what the word was supposed to be.  It was maddening as it killed the momentum of the story!

Overall, a good book.  I think it was my favorite story so far.  

Recommended for thriller/paranormal/mystery lovers.