Review: Fireborn (Souls of Fire #1) by Keri Arthur

Fireborn: A Souls of Fire Novel - Keri Arthur

Another gripping series from Keri Arthur!  She seems to always find a different spin on Urban Fantasy.

What I liked: Like some, I was afraid we might have some repetition from Ms Arthur.  I shouldn't have worried, Fireborn has an original take with stellar writing and plotting.  I've read just about everything she's written and was still enthralled with Em's story.  

You can expect strong female leads, more than one love interests and lots of mystery and action.  Initially I thought we might have flashbacks to a previous series, but Ms Arthur deftly sidestepped the similarities enough to grab and hold my attention.  

Using a phoenix in this story is innovative and intriguing.  Em and her phoenix soulmate, Rory, are a great pairing.  They need each other but realize they aren't meant to be "in love".  There's a story behind that situation and Ms Arthur fleshes out her world based on the story.  Make sense?  Throw in a sexy fire Fae, a moody former love with serious issues and it's a wild ride.  

I love how Ms Arthur slowly releases a few details here and there. You might get frustrated but you sure don't lose interest!!

What I didn't like: I'm an impatient reader and Ms Arthur's trademark of slowly revealing important clues drives me nuts!  I wouldn't have it any other way. She makes me WANT to read!

Overall, I'm already drumming my fingers, waiting for the next in this new series.

Highly Recommended!!