Review: Kiss and Tell (T-FLAC #2) by Cherry Adair

Kiss and Tell - Cherry Adair

I've been sputtering with my reading lately.  Books just aren't reaching out to grab me like usual.  When this happens, I go back and re-read some I thought were good.  Since I know the outcome, I can just relax and enjoy the words and the story.  I originally read Kiss and Tell many years ago but the characters stuck with me!  I think this was the very first Cherry Adair book I ever read and then I had to have the whole T-FLAC series.   

What I liked:  The characters, of course and the dog!  The storyline wasn't all that believable but that's the purpose of getting lost in the story.  Ms Adair's T-FLAC world just drew me in.  What kept me invested were Marnie and Jake.  

Marnie is not the complete helpless damsel in distress but she's also not overly familiar with weapons.  She's got four over protective older brothers and is finally taking stock of her life situation after the death of her beloved grandmother.  She's always gone along to get along.  What I like about Marnie is her sense of humor, her great outlook, and her spunk.  She needs the spunk when she runs into Jake.

I see Jake as angry at the world in the beginning of Kiss and Tell.  A very suspicious hermit trying to deal with the bumps in his road.  He can't believe or trust Marnie in any way.  While Ms Adair writes Jake's character as smoking hot, I was more impressed and drawn in by his quiet capability to overcome all things.  

The interactions between Jake, Marnie and Daisy (her dog) kept me glued to the story!  Lots of action, in the bedroom and out.  I loved the ending!!

What I didn't like: I got exactly what I wanted from this re-read.  First time readers might not be as enthralled as I was the first time around.  It's just a matter of what you're looking to read at any given time.  

Overall, a quick enjoyable re-read.  

Recommended for romance lovers!