Review: Cloud Dust: RD-1 by Connie Suttle

Cloud Dust: RD-1 - Connie Suttle

I am constantly floored by Ms Suttle's imagination!!  Innovative and riveting!!

What I liked:  Cloud Dust is the beginning of a new series by one of my favorite authors.  Ms Suttle is my go to author when I want to get completely lost in a book.  All boundaries are erased and the worlds she writes about actually feel possible.

Corinne Watson is a government experiment without her permission.  (I can't wait to find out how all of that came about).  There are currently 6 (counting Corinne) in the program and each one has their own handler.  Each member has their own area of expertise.  Intuition, strength, stealth, etc.  Corinne seemingly has no talents.  Therein lies the story told from several character's point of view.

The attention to detail and the world building in Cloud Dust just blew my mind.  I'm very glad Ms Suttle's stories are imagination or I would be scared to death of the future!

Each character is developed but developing.  Make sense?  There is so much more to learn about these characters and their back stories.  Cloud Dust is a complete story but leaves you wanting more.  

Again, one of the best edited self published books I've read.  

What I didn't like:  I wanted to know Corinne's whole back story, like now and I didn't want the book to end!!  

How Ms Suttle can pack so much into what seems a short book (177 pages), is beyond me.  Cloud Dust reads like a much longer book.

Cloud Dust is an e-book and is $4.99 at Amazon and B & N.
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