Review: The Buffalo Job: A Wilson Mystery (A Wilson Mystery, #5) by Mike Knowles

The Buffalo Job: A Wilson Mystery - Mike Knowles

Gritty and bloody is the only way to describe this series and The Buffalo Job has it in spades.

What I liked:  I love Wilson and I really shouldn't.  I can't believe I'm hooked on a series where the lead is basically a pretty bad person.  I guess that's the gift of Mr. Knowles' writing.  I would never have thought I would like a book of this type until I read the previous book, Never Play Another Man's Game.  I've become invested in Wilson even as I'm appalled by the majority of his actions.  It's almost like watching a train wreck, I couldn't help myself.  

The synopsis pretty much says all that can be said without spoilers but a big caution here, expect anything when Wilson is involved.  Surprises are the norm in this series and this book!!

What I didn't like:  n/a

I got an ARC of The Buffalo Job from NetGalley.  I was just browsing the titles and found it.  That says something.  Since I read the last in the series so long ago, I still remembered Mr. Knowles name.  

The pricing could be a problem for some.  The paperback is $9.88 and Kindle version is`$9.39.  At B & N, the paperback is $9.88 and the Nook book is $9.99

If you like action, bloody stories with unredeeming characters, you'll love The Buffalo Job.

Highly recommend.  (If possible, read the previous books first!)