Review: Stone Song (Cold Iron #3) by D.L. McDermott

Stone Song - D.L. McDermott

Each entry in this series just gets better and better!!

What I liked:  I loved the two main characters, Sorcha and Elada.  I was very glad Elada got his own story.  Ms McDermott couldn't have picked a better foil for him either in Sorcha.  We see some of the characters from the first two books and that just adds to the story and keeps the continuity going.

I enjoy seeing all sides to the Fae, even the "good" ones.  They are willing to do what needs to be done to protect themselves even if it protects the humans.  The Druids are growing in number, at least the ones we know about.

Sorcha is torn by so much but puts it all aside to reluctantly take on her role in saving all those she cares about.  Elada has to work extremely hard not only to save Sorcha but to hopefully make her see how much he cares for her.

There are some twists and turns adding to what I can see as future conflicts/couples.  I can't wait!!

What I didn't like:  I honestly can't think of a thing.  The tension, conflicts and characters are all growing.

The plot and storyline is developing at a good, even pace.  I've become a fan of yet another writer and another series.  Darn these authors!!  A word of caution, please start at the beginning!!

Stone Song is an e-book.  It's available at Amazon for $5.69 and at B & N for $5.99

Highly Recommend!!