Review: The Spartan by Charles Purcell

The Spartan - Charles Purcell

A good thriller with lots of action!

What I liked:  I really enjoyed the characters and the plot in The Spartan.  While the Spartan (that's the only name the lead goes by) is a modern warrior, his ethics and loyalty are "old school".  He does his job unquestionably to protect the United States but his code doesn't waver if he respects you.

The plot in The Spartan can make you pause.  Improbable, maybe.  Possible, certainly.  That was the kicker for me.  Everything is possible in a novel but when it makes you think, could this happen?, it's a good story!

The supporting characters in The Spartan aren't overlooked either.  They each have a function and are being developed by Mr Purcell.  I liked Vasquez especially as a partner for the Spartan.  Some of the higher military characters, I'm still not sure about, which will lead me to pick up the next book.  Hopefully there is another.

What I didn't like:  Just my thoughts here.  If you're looking for a Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy novel, this isn't it.  However, it was a good solid read.  I could put the book down when I needed too except more towards the end.  Also, my copy was from NetGalley which means editing needed to be done.  I hope the final version was well edited because the story deserved it.

Overall, I enjoyed The Spartan.  The pacing was good and the storyline developed.  I would definitely try another Charles Purcell novel.

An e-book, The Spartan is available at Amazon for $4.99 and at B & N for $6.81