Review: Live to See Tomorrow (Catherine Ling #3) by Iris Johansen

Live to See Tomorrow - Iris Johansen

Vintage Johansen!!  Thoroughly enjoying Catherine Ling's character.

What I liked:  I started reading Iris Johansen so long ago and fell in love with her writing style and the voices of her characters.  I kind of fell off the wagon when she devoted so many books to Eve.  I just got tired of all of Eve's angst.  Now, I've fallen in love with her books again and it's thanks to Catherine Ling.  She's kick butt, has to be in charge and there's a sense of honor in all her dealings with those around her.

The characters is this series are are all quite different.  How can you not love Hu Chang and Luke is the son you think Catherine would have.  Extraordinary!!  This book, there's a new character, Cameron.  He's so different and intriguing.  He and Catherine light up the pages.

As always, Ms Johansen's writing is top-notch.  She fully develops each and every thing essential in a novel.  To me, Live To See Tomorrow is character driven and the storyline while different, didn't make me sit up and take notice.  There are mystical aspects to this book which have been showing up more and more in Ms Johanen's novels, which I enjoy completely.

What I didn't like:  The premise of the story was a little out there but I have complete trust Ms Johansen will eventually tie everything together.

Overall, I couldn't put this book down.  Not so much the storyline but what the characters were going to next drove my interest.  I've collected Iris Johansen's novels for a very long time and have many of her oldest books.  I was glad to add Live To See Tomorrow to my collection!

Highly Recommend!!

Available at B & N as a hardcover for $20.71 and the Nook book is $12.99.  At Amazon, the hardcover is $20.51 and the Kindle edition is $12.74