Review: Field of Prey (Lucas Davenport, #24) by John Sandford

Field of Prey - John Sandford

Mr. Sandford's books just draw me in and won't let go.  Field of Prey is no exception!

What I liked:  The characters in Mr.Sandford's novels feel like old friends.  I've read 24 of them in The Prey series so I've grown with them.  They are people I would like to know in real life.  I used to think thrillers had to be action driven, but I've come to appreciate the characters and their actions and interactions more than the thrill.

While Lucas Davenport is the main character in this series, his supporting cast is just as important.  Mr. Sandford takes the time to develop them too, which just adds to my enjoyment.  While I love all the characters, I adore Lucas' adopted daughter, Letty.  She's smart and though young in years is not young in life.  The other thing about these characters is they aren't super human.  They make mistakes, they get into trouble, they aren't all kung fu experts or skilled assassins.  They are just every day people doing the best job they can.  

As with a lot of this series, you know who the "bad" guy is.  You are privy to his/her thoughts and actions but Mr. Sandford always holds back a surprise or two.  The twist in Field of Prey really creeped me out!!

What I didn't like:  This wasn't a problem for me as I knew what to expect but some readers might find Field of Prey a slow read.  There's stuff going on but not always action.  I highly recommend starting at the beginning of this series and not jumping in midway.  You'll come to appreciate the characters more and Mr. Sandford's writing style.

At Barnes & Noble, Field of Prey is $17.41 in hardcover and the Nook book is $11.99.  At Amazon, the hardcover is $17.34 and the Kindle edition is $11.99.

Highly Recommend!!