Review: The Target (Will Robie #3) by David Baldacci

The Target - David Baldacci

I was on pins and needles waiting for this installment in David Baldacci's The Target starring Will Robie.

What I liked:  There seems to always be non-stop action in this series and The Target didn't disappoint.  As a matter of fact, so many different stories were incorporated into it, I could not put it down.  

I liked the fact Mr. Baldacci kept Jessica Reel as part of the series.  She and Robie work so well together, not just on their jobs but as people.  Actually, besides one or two other people, they don't trust anyone.  

Robie has grown so much since the first book in the series, The Innocent.  He's grown more and more human.  He never had any real attachments before and now his little world is growing.  Robie is a good example of character development.

Reel on the other hand has been my hero from her very first appearance in The Hit.  She' almost as good an assassin/agent as Robie, but is more sympathetic.  And no it's not because she's female.  It's her background.  

As I said, The Target is action packed but what I liked the most was the background information provided by the author.  Mr. Baldacci always seems to having me heading to the internet to learn more about the information he provides in his stories.  This time it was learning more about the "work camps" in North Korea.  Excellent research on his part.  The way he incorporates his information into the story is top-notch!

What I didn't like:  Yeah, I got nothing.  Wait, I forgot something here.  I started off with the audio version of The Target.  It's narrated by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy.  They do a great job.  Here's my problem.  Several times before I gave it up and just read the Kindle version, there were these weird sound effects.  Suspenseful music at a dramatic moment in the story or background noises indicating a fight or gun shot.  It wasn't very often, but I'd be cruising along and Blam! hoakey music.  I hated it!!

The Target is $17.13 in hardcover at B & N and Nook book is $14.99.  The hardcover is $17.07 at Amazon and the Kindle version is $12.74.  

Highly Recommend