Audio Review: Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) by Jeaniene Frost, Tavia Gilbert (Narrator)

Halfway to the Grave  - Jeaniene Frost

I read Halfway to the Grave many years ago and had forgotten what a good book it was.  Over the course of the series, I fell behind and am now starting over.  I decided to listen to this first of the Night Huntress Series to jump start my interest again.

What I liked:  I had forgotten how young Cat was in the first book.  I don't know why really, maybe because she seems wise beyond her years.  Ms Gilbert does a great job of painting the pictures that Ms Frost provides.  Her Cat voice, I feel, is spot on.  The humor and the pain of Cat just seep into you.  

I was reminded of why I dislike Cat's mother so much and how much I liked Bones' dry snarky comments.  Bones is just indescribable and his love for Cat just digs into your heart.

The story building is top notch and the pacing just flows.  The characters are coming together better than in most first books.  

What I didn't like:  At first I had a very hard time with the voice Ms Gilbert chose to use for Bones.  It just seems too low class but as Bones was telling Cat his story, I realized, Bones is low class.  You might think that over the long course of his life that he would affect a higher class of speaking, but then that wouldn't be the Bones we all know and love.

Currently the pricing on this first Cat and Bones book is great.  The Kindle edition is $4.74, the paperback is $7.19 and the audible edition is a steal at $2.99.

Highly recommend!!