Review: Bladed Magic (Colbana Files 0.6) by J.C. Daniels

Bladed Magic (Colbana Files) - J.C. Daniels

Since this is a short story, I won't use my usual format.  

Bladed Magic is a good look at how Kit and Justin first meet.  It's great to see some of the history between them.  It adds more layers to each character and now we can understand not only their friendship but some of the chemistry that still remains.

I also enjoyed getting a look at some of the other characters that have been regulars in the series.  Not a great look but some much needed info in going forward with this series.  I also enjoyed everyone trying to figure out just what Kit actually is in the NH (non-human) world.  They've never seen anything like her.  

The best thing about Bladed Magic, to me, is it's not all kick butt action like most of Kit's stories.  It's more a further development of her character with some intriguing insights.

If you love the series, like I do, you'll more than enjoy this short but wish it was a full length story.  Just a peek at Kit gets me antsy for another installment.  Caution: I would not recommend starting with this installment.  While it is written before the main series, it's too vague to really experience without the other novels first.  Just my thoughts.

Highly recommend!!