Review: Angel Fire (Fallen Angels #1) by Valmore Daniels

Angel Fire - Valmore Daniels

I'm stuck on the fence on Angel Fire. I've thought it over for a few and days and still am not sure how to review it.

What I liked: The synopsis sounds like something I'd want to read. It was an okay read. Nothing that I would go on and on about. The writing was good and a few of the characters were sympathetic.

The heroine, Darcy, has the ability to set things/people on fire. She thought she had this dark secret but more people know about it than she thought.

I thought the premise of the story was good, I'm just not sure how well executed it was.

I really like her Aunt Martha and Uncle Edward and to some extent, Neil, her love interest. The rest of the characters just didn't touch me at all.

What I didn't like: I got the impression that Darcy was around 29 or 30 years old but the character didn't act that way. Well, the whole story seemed "younger". I know Darcy had had a bad time in her marriage and the "bad" guys were pretty bad but none of the characters had seemed to grow from the time Darcy went to prison.

This was a free Kindle book and I thought I'd give it a try. As I said, it's not poorly written, it just didn't connect with me. This is not a series I will continue but there are plenty of readers who have enjoyed the books, so no recommendation one way or the other from me. It's just personal preference.