Review: The Furies: A Thriller by Mark Alpert

The Furies: A Thriller - Mark Alpert

I consider myself lucky having found The Furies on NetGalley.  All I promised to do is read it and give my fair and honest opinion.  So here is it:

What I liked:  I enjoyed Mr. Alpert's change from witches to Furies.  It was and is an interesting concept.  He made it more so by adding some conflicts within and some very good characters.  The Furies is categorized as a thriller and yet it would be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy thriller in my opinion.  He takes an Urban Fantasy theme and turns it into a completely different look.

Ariel and John's characters play very well together and off of each other.  The secondary characters are just as important and intriguing.  While there are good and bad sides, you can actually see the different point of views by their actions and feelings.  (I know that sounds mysterious but in order not to give spoilers, it has to be that way).  

I really enjoyed Ariel's character.  She does what needs to be done regardless of her feelings.  She's totally committed to the Furies and is somewhat sympathetic to the rebels.  While she's the smart, sexy, and kickass heroine, John is her strength.  He's had a hard life he's tried to turn around, only to have it get worse.  

What I didn't like:  While it didn't bother me, you, as the reader, will need to suspend some of your beliefs to buy into this story.  There were a couple of times, I wanted John to be more the hero but his smarts more than make up for his lack of fighting.

Overall, a very good, unexpected read.  The Furies ticks the boxes for paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and thriller fans.

Here's the bad news:  The Furies is releasing as a hardcover priced at $19.25.  That  makes the Kindle price go up to $11.04.  It's not any better at Barnes & Noble.  The hardcover is $19.58 and Nook book is $12.99.  My recommendation would be to borrow it from the library if possible unless you have a large book budget.