Review by Marta: Every Part of You, Resists Me (Every Part of You #2) by Megan Hart

Every Part of You: Resists Me (#2) - Megan Hart

Now this is something completely different to the books I usually read. It's a little series of short ebooks that charts the relationship forming between two people who each have slightly more obscure needs.  Ms Hart was recommended to me by a good friend and I've found this author has a writing style that is immediate and just pulls you in.  I love discovering new authors and am so excited to be reading this new series.

Simone is an unusual woman in many ways. She's good at her job, has great friends, even knows what she really wants out of life but just hasn't found the right person to complete her.  It's not essential for her to be in a relationship but sometimes true trust can only come from being with someone who really knows you and your needs.

Elliott is the man that has most definitely got Simone's attention.  She's watched him for a while now and is just finally in a position to find out what makes him tick. He's agreed to go with her to a club but does he want her or just anyone?  He's not the easiest guy to read but something about him calls to Simone.  Simone knows she's a little hedonistic but Elliott seems to be a perfect match for her.  Will she convince him of that?  She's laying it all on the line but will Elliott ever bite?

I was swept away by this admittedly short read.  It's such an appealing storyline with characters who both clearly fit each other and yet nothing is straight forward. Simone is a very brave strong heroine who has the courage of her convictions and isn't afraid to make her stand.  I love that about her.  She's unafraid to explore her own sexuality and even if her quirks are not exactly vanilla she's not going to be abused by anyone. 

As for Elliott, well, I think his family background has scarred him in ways that as a reader we are just beginning to uncover and it's truly tantalising.  This isn't a light-hearted read and deals with the cruel reality of senile dementia (unfortunately something I know from personal experience) so don't think reading about these characters will leave you untouched because it won't.  So many erotic stories feature BDSM and glorify the submissive roles whereas here we get to see a different side of physical release.  
A story in which (so far) although pain is acceptable the usual bondage/slave type scenario is not the most important part.

It's an amazing short read begging to be followed up and I heartily recommend this series but please, please read them in order and follow the heart warming journey these characters are taking.

This e-book is $1.99 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Highly Recommend