Review by Marta: Seth (Cyborgs: More Than Machines #5) by Eve Langlais

Seth - Eve Langlais

Seth is the fifth book in Ms Langlais' Cyborg More Than Machines series and has been eagerly anticipated by fans. The character Seth has been waiting and teasing in the wings and now finally he gets to step up and take centre stage in his own book. 

In this story we learn more about the uber smooth Seth and also delve a little deeper into the true origins of the Cyborgs.  Seth had been trained to be a cybernetic spy and is able to infiltrate any given target.  He had been partnered up with Anastasia, the only woman he has ever loved, but her discovery of him in suspicious circumstances ruined whatever chance of happiness they had.  Now years later, Seth fights alongside his fellow escaped Cyborgs to defeat the evil "Company."  Anastasia unexpectedly reappears back in his life and she needs his help.  Seth may have lost her before but this time he's determined to hang on to his woman.  Let no man or machine come between them! 

This book was a new departure in this series as we are finally getting answers!  It's been a long time coming and I'm positive that Ms Langlais' regular readers will be overjoyed.  It's an intriguing concept these books cover where humans have been altered at a base level and spliced with nano technology and machinery in order to create the perfect soldier.  The fact that their creators have turned on them and now seem bent on destroying the Cyborgs lends itself to many adventures, but for me this particular book took a new direction.  

I'm used to action and romance from this series but an awful lot of this story was told as flashbacks.  Now don't get me wrong, I've nothing against that but I just felt I would have liked a little more actual plot in the here and now.  It was wonderful to read about Seth and Anastasia's relationship but it made the real time story seem a little rushed.  As for the romance, well Seth is so sexy and such fun to read about, but I did kind of feel that there wasn't an awful lot of sexy time if you get my drift.

Anastasia is one lucky Cyborg and her wit and perseverance make her a good match for Seth.  Ms Langlais writes with such a playful voice. Her characters (Seth in particular) are written with such humour it's virtually impossible to read this book without smiling. 

This is definitely a sexy sci- fi series and captures the imagination.  With this installment, we see why characters have developed as they have.  It's setting up for the next book and obviously I will be reading it.  Seth isn't my favourite in the series.  Whilst it's fabulous to get background information, I also wanted a plot to make my heart beat faster and I felt the action and adventure was a little lacking in this book.  No cliffhanger, but a hint of what's to come.  

Easily read as a standalone,  although I would always suggest reading in order.   Did I have fun with Seth? O yes!  Seth is a joy to read about and he can come home with me anytime!  

Seth is available from Barnes & Noble as a Nook book at $4.99.  At Amazon, the Kindle version is $3.99 and the paperback is $10.41