Review: The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac

The Truth Will Out - Jane Isaac

A solid read!  This is the second in a series.
The Truth Will Out is written from two storylines, Eva's and the investigation of the murder by DCI Helen Lavery. 

What I liked:   Ms Isaac's writing is very descriptive and the story flows extremely well.  Even though this is the second novel starring DCI Helen Lavery, I didn't feel lost.  It could be read as a stand alone novel but I do feel I missed some character development.  

It wasn't a riveting read but it was the type of book that once started, you want to finish it.  I had an idea of some of the bad guy(s) and was a bit disappointed in that area.  The quality of the writing more than made up for this though.  

The synopsis more than describes the basis of the story.  I found Helen to be a complex, conflicted character.  She was trying to balance her management style (hands on) while being the mother of two teenage boys.  

I was very impressed with the ending of the story and will read the next in the series to see if Helen changes her job approach.

What I didn't like:  As I said, this is written from two viewpoints.  I didn't think Eve's view should have been so prominent.  There were sections of her story that I did speed read through.  Some of the background and her thoughts were needed to flesh out the story but I was essentially almost bored with her character.  I found Helen and her investigation more interesting.

At Amazon the Kindle version is $7.39 and the paperback is $9.20.  The Truth Will Out is offered at Barnes & Noble as a Nook book at $8.49