Review by Marta: Sweetest Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City #3) by Katie Reus

Sweetest Surrender  (The Serafina: Sin City Series) (Volume 3) - Katie Reus

The third book in The Serafina series set in and around a Las Vegas hotel.  

It's my first in this series so I'm happy to say it's easily read as a standalone novel. Characters from previous stories are mentioned, but I did not feel it was in any way an incomplete book.  I'm a fan of Ms Reus' paranormal books so for me, it made a pleasant change to read one of her romantic suspense stories.

Angel is working as a waitress at the Cloud 9 restaurant but Angel is there under false pretences.  She is using a forged ID as she's spent the past two years on the run from a crazed stalker who murdered her brother.  Life on the run is hard, no real friends and no chance of really trusting anyone.  Vadim, who works as part of the security team, is one guy Angel would love to get to know better. That's never going to happen though, is it?

Vadim has quietly kept an eye on Angel but as he's not that confident with women, he's never said anything to let her know he's interested. That all changes though when Angel's caught stealing food and starts to let Vadim into her life.  He's a clever guy and not just with computers and he manipulates Angel into staying with him whilst he works on getting her trust.  There's a fly in the ointment though as her ex has tracked her down and pretty soon Angel needs more than a place to stay she needs protection and Vadim is just the guy to offer it!

I really enjoyed this book and if I had a complaint it would be that it's too short!  It was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon but all too soon it was over!  Although I'm aware lots of other readers do actually prefer a book they can digest quickly. 

 Vadim!  Now where do I start? Hmm, he's quite a shy reserved guy but trust me not in the bedroom!  Oh no, he's definitely not backwards in coming forwards there and the heroine, Angel, sure did seem to enjoy his attentions!  I loved that he was all protective but wasn't sure at first if Angel would appreciate his way of doing things, particularly when I realised his lies and machinations might smack too much of controlling her and with everything that had previously happened to her could possibly go very wrong.  As for Angel, she was a sweet heroine who genuinely seemed to care for others and I was pleased to see her bad experience had not soured her and put her completely off men. In point of fact, I thought once she realised Vadim really was interested she seemed to instigate all that happened between them and I liked that. There's nothing wrong with a woman grabbing onto happiness whilst she can.

The villain of the piece was a little predictable and one dime
nsional but this is a romance and not an in depth crime thriller so I can easily overlook that.  It's a very sweet romance and the title fits it perfectly.  Interesting supporting characters and a gorgeous dog to warm the coldest heart!  A computer geek who can be totallybad ass and macho?  Yes please!  Guess it's obvious I really enjoyed this and happily recommend it.

At Amazon the prices are:  the Kindle edition is $2.99, paperback is $8.09.  Sweetest Surrender is available as a Nook book for $2.99.

Highly Recommend!!