Review by Marta: Werewolf in Las Vegas by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Werewolf in Las Vegas - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Book six in the Wild About You series and I have to admit this reads pretty well as a standalone novel.  It's such a fun paranormal world this author has created.  If you are new to her work, then it's a good place to start but, if you have been following this series, then I'm pretty sure you will be charmed by the talented Ms Thompson's latest offering. She always writes with humour and heat and this offering is no different.

Luke has recently inherited his father's property and business in Las Vegas but unfortunately he's also inherited the family feud with a neighbouring hotel owner.  It looks as if he can sort out that little problem with a poker game but little does he know he has an even larger problem at home!

Giselle is a werewolf and she's traveled to Las Vegas to find her missing and somewhat wayward brother, Bryce.  What she finds when she gets there is Bryce has run off with Cynthia, a human female.  Cynthia's brother, Luke, is absolutely gorgeous.    

Luke is unknowingly causing huge problems for the secretive werewolf community but that's the least of Giselle's problems!  They decide that teaming up to track down the runaways makes sense but spending so much time together is a lot more challenging than either of them expect.  Giselle is aware that sleeping with a human would be a bad idea but something about Luke just calls to her.  As they are continuously taunted by Bryce and Cynthia, ignoring their mutual attraction becomes something Giselle and Luke find impossible.  One night changes everything.  Giselle knows staying with Luke is not an option but will she also leave her heart ?

This series of books about humans mating with werewolves had eluded me until now.  I've read only one other book by Ms Lewis Thompson (Casual Hex) so expected something quite similar with a light tone and a romance.  This is still essentially a paranormal romance but there is an awful lot of sexual content which some readers might find off putting.  I hasten to reassure that it's all consensual and loving but for me I would have preferred more storyline and plot. Werewolf in Vegas is definitely aimed at an adult reader. 

The hero, Luke, has to be one of the most sensitive and caring male characters I have read about in a long time.  The heroine, Giselle, is quite savvy and very good at persuading others to see sense, which I liked about her.  It was interesting to see her get her point across without resulting to any brutish or animalistic behaviour that might be expected from a werewolf.  I also found the supporting characters to be very engaging and really wanted more from them so perhaps they will get their own book or books?

I did enjoy this book and it's an easy read that allowed me to just pretend I was in Las Vegas for a few hours.  Quite a simple plot idea but it's not always essential to have dark, angst ridden tales, and a fun book often hits the spot.  If you are new to Ms Thompson's work then give it a go but remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Werewolf in Vegas is available at Amazon with the Kindle version at $5.99 and paperback at $7.19.  At Barnes & Noble, both editions are $7.99

Highly Recommend!!