Review: Dragons Don't Cry (Fire Chronicles #1) by D'Elen McClain

Dragons Don't Cry (Fire Chronicles) - D'Elen McClain

I love dragons and Ms McClain made me so very glad I do!!  This is my first read and won't be my last book penned by this author.  (I received my copy from NetGalley)

What I liked:  Dragons Don't Cry was a quick, funny and sad read.  The world building was excellent although I'm sure we'll get more in the next book.  I'm still not sure about all the realms but it didn't detract from the story at all.  In fact, it made me want to read more.

Acasia (I love that name) is not the usual bride chosen by the dragon.  She's feisty and fearless but a bit naive.  The best part, even though she's unsure of her fate as a dragon bride, she isn't resigned to it.  She gives as good as she gets.

Bastian (another cool name) is just about what you'd expect a dragon to be.  Arrogant, bad-tempered, unbearably ill mannered and stubborn.  I do think he's met his match in Acasia though.  

They make a terrific couple but Ms McClain doesn't make it smooth sailing for them.  There's lots of interaction between the other dragons and their brides.  I can see a great series from this first entry.

As I said, it's a quick read and that's very good because I did not want to stop at any point.  I think my guy even had PB and J for supper or maybe it was hot dogs.  I was getting a little antsy towards the end because yeah, well'll have to read it to find out.

I can't wait to see what Ms McClain has in store for the next in the series.

What I didn't like:  As with most books I enjoy and immerse my self in, I didn't want Dragons Don't Cry to end.  For an author that's not a bad thing...