Review: Time or Money by Carly Fall

Time or Money - Carly Fall

What a quick treat!!

A follow blogger, Carmel of Rabid Reads, asked me to give this a quick read and review.  Sorry I'm so late getting to it.

It was a very quick read.  It's a short story and was released before Valentine's Day by Bottom Drawer Publications as part of it's Valentine's Day Collection.

I'm not much into contemporary romance and have to be in the right mood to take a shot at it.  Time or Money was what I needed at the correct time.  

This short story is a reminder for young marrieds or even us long married types of how quickly circumstances can change.  

Bridget and Mason have been married around 5 years.  In his quest to attain his dream to provide for his wife and the children they plan to have, Mason's not nurturing his marriage.  

Neither he nor Bridget are happy.  They seemed to be happier when they were struggling to attain their hopes and dreams.  Not only did Mason recently forget his anniversary, Bridget thinks he's forgotten her most favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day.  Maybe they've got different priorities or maybe they've changed in their wants and desires.

You'll have to read it to find out.  

Reading Time or Money took me back in my 30 plus year marriage, in a good way.  The struggles we faced, the satisfaction of different milestones but overall we were/are in the marriage together.  Sometimes less is more.  Everyone should be able to look back at their marriage with warm loving memories.

While this was a short story, Ms Fall was able to convey so much emotion in it's short length.  That's hard to do.  

The writing, editing and storyline were complete and heart tugging.  You feel this couple's pain and rejoice at the end.  (Hey, it's a Valentine's Day story, you have to have a happy ending!)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Time and Money and finished with a happy heart and a smile on my face.  Most of all, I looked backed at my marriage and was very surprised how content and happy I am!!

This is an e-book and it's $1.49 at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Recommended for romantics everywhere!