Review by Marta: Deceptions Of Night (Order of Night #2) by Virginia Cavanaugh

Deceptions Of Night - Virginia Cavanaugh

This is the second book in the Order of Night series written by Ms Cavanaugh and follows on from the previous book, Secrets of Night. These books are clearly aimed at lovers of paranormal romance and the author has created a world populated by vampires, shapeshifters, sorceresses and the odd human! 

These paranormal races have joined together to form a shaky alliance but this tentative truce is under threat.  It would appear that not everyone in the supernatural community wants peace and treachery is stalking the governing Triad.  Secrets are about to come to light and death seems inevitable. 

Lex is a vampire but he's not the common garden variety type.  No, he is a vampire prince!  Used to taking control he finally has to knuckle down and has been sent to replace Kale as the vampire member of the Triad.  Whilst using Kale's home, he is attacked by a female jaguar shapeshifter and there's no way he will take that lying down!

Shayla has been abused and is determined to prevent her younger brother from suffering a similar fate.  Blackmailed by her cruel alpha, she has been charged with killing the leech that's responsible for recent shapeshifter deaths.  She finds the tables well and truly turned when the vampire captures her!  Shayla will do anything to save her brother and reluctantly agrees to a truce with the faster, stronger, and infuriatingly sexy Lex.

Joining forces, it's not long before Lex and Shayla discover deceit and treachery.  They are both determined to get answers whilst struggling to remain alive, but the passion between them is undeniable.  It's not long before they surrender to it! Can two such different people make it work?  Racial prejudice is against them but that's the least of their problems!

The body count starts to rise and it's clear someone's out for blood. Nothing is straightforward and pretty soon the tangled threads start to unravel.  Lex and Shayla are in danger, but who can they really trust?

Wow, what a fast paced story! This is one of those times when you think, if I blink I might miss something!  Lots of action is delivered at breakneck speed and there's no way anyone could be bored or uninterested when reading this book.

I have to admit that it's quite a short story but the author has included plenty of action and world building.  We get to know the two central characters very quickly.  They get to be intimately acquainted with each other but this just adds to the fun. Oh, and trust me when I say, those scenes are very sexy! 

I loved the writing style and it was easy to imagine the scenes in my mind and the twists kept my attention.

I thought it was a fabulous read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Strong intense characters, intricate plot, and a hot romance.  I'm so looking forward to see what Ms Cavanaugh comes up with next and sincerely hope that a certain mysterious Xander gets his own book. 


Highly recommend!!