Review: Missing You by Harlan Coben

Missing You - Harlan Coben

First book I've read by Harlan Coben and it won't be the last!!

What I liked:  This is kind of two stories in one.  The personal story of Kat Donovan and a mystery of a missing woman she's trying to find.  Both stories draw you in and though they move slowly at times, it kept me wanting to read more.

Kat is a 40 year old NYPD police detective.  She's has ghosts in her pass, a lot of them.  The past jumps up and hits her in the face when her best friend signs her up for an online dating site.  The love of Kate's life is also listed on the site.  She makes contact but....yeah, can't tell you.

On the mystery front, a young man contacts Kate as he's lost contact with his Mom who was going away for a week with a new love interest.  Guess what?  His Mom met the guy on the same dating site Kate is using.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

Missing You is very well written and as Mr Coben is a long time author, I wasn't surprised.  There's many pieces that he fit together and it doesn't feel contrived or manipulated in any way.  

What I didn't like:  There were parts where I thought, okay, I just don't need all this info but looking back, it just added to the story.  Sections of the story that dragged a bit but not enough to chase me away.  

I got my copy of Missing You from NetGalley.  I liked the synopsis and it wasn't part part of a series.  The perfect way to explore a new author.  I'm wondering though, if Mr Coben will make this a series.  Kate, her history, and the end of the story would make a good one.

I guess I'm finally coming to terms with the new releases pricing from the publishers.  The Nook edition is slightly cheaper than the Kindle one.  $11.99 vs $14.99.  The hardcover is comparable at $20.68 vs $20.48, respectively.