Review by Marta: Bittersweet Darkness (The Order #3) by Nina Croft Released: 24 February 2014

Bittersweet Darkness  - Nina Croft

I've only recently discovered this author's work and as a lover of paranormal fiction I'm so very glad I have. Ms Croft writes stories that just capture my imagination and I find them almost impossible to put down until I have finished reading them. If you are looking for a new name in sexy paranormal books then you have definitely found her! This is the third book in this author's The Order series that features demons, vampires, the Fae, witches, weres, and even angels! The books are linked but easily read as stand alone novels as each one features a different couple. 

Set in London, ( I'm so bored of Washington and New Orleans in paranormal romance), The Order is trying to unite the supernatural world and prevent war . Asmodai also known as Ash, is the demon representative and finds himself drawn to Faith, a police detective, who suspects something is wrong about her friend Ryan's new job but she has no idea just what exactly she's stumbled upon. Trying to solve her case, she's plunged into a world where nothing is quite what it seems. Faith believes strongly in doing what is right and is cynical about all things that go bump in the night, but when she's reassigned and told that vampires are real, well that's a little too much for her! 

The world is black and white, people are good or bad and the supernatural is hogwash but she's expected to swallow that! Faith is no fool but getting close to Ash is starting to change her life in more ways then one.  Ash isn't the only one with a secret and the one Faith has is deadly! 

This is a great read filled with interesting characters and I loved the way the author kept the sexual tension going for so long. Ash is one smoking hot demon but he's almost sweet, which is a strange thing to think about a demon.  Somehow Ms Croft has pulled it off. 

The heroine Faith has gone through so much and yet has remained quite stoic.  Her reactions to the possibilities of a paranormal world were quite entertaining. 

That's something else about this book that worked, as readers we get to know what the characters are thinking which really helps pull the reader further into the world that the author is weaving. This was an entertaining read that kept me up late to finish it. An unusual story with an assortment of interesting characters and great world building. Bad guys who are surprising and I've a sneaky feeling that maybe one of those might get his own book. Oo,  I do hope so! If anyone can turn him around its Ms Croft! 

This book was such fun to read and I happily recommend it to anyone who likes to read a slightly different type of romance . An interesting way of finding a solution at the end and even a question left in the reader's mind about how things will proceed next.

 Now I can't wait for the next book and I'm hoping it's soon!