Review: Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin #1) by Jennifer Estep, Lauren Fortgang (Narrator)

Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep

Very good book, outstanding in audio format.  

No, I'm not just now reading An Elemental Assassin Series.  I started when they first came out and then got side tracked.  That's happened to me on several series.  Instead of starting where I left off, I'm starting from the very beginning on them.  Plus, when I originally read Spider's Bite, I wasn't blogging so I just rated it and didn't review it.  So, I'm playing catch up on several series.

What I liked:  I remember, I really liked the book.  It was different and very well written.  It kept my attention and more than entertained me.  I LOVED the audio book.  Ms Estep's writing is great but when being read by Ms Fortgang, it's fantastic.  All of her character are good but it's like she becomes Gin.  I love when she says "mmm".  Oh my.

Being the first in a series, you would expect some stops and starts, but Spider's Bite flows as smooth as Finn's voice provided by Ms Fortgang.  It's wildly entertaining and the action just doesn't stop.  Be prepared to try in read/listen to it in one sitting.  


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