Review: The Secret (Highlands' Lairds #1) by Julie Garwood

The Secret - Julie Garwood

We live in such a modern world with e-readers and self-publishing almost being the norm.  I’ve been reading for so long, over 45 years.  Yep, I’m ancient.  When I began reading, some of the books being published would be very politically incorrect by today’s standards.  Those early writers paved the way for the writers of today and I’m so very glad I’ve been around to see that evolution.  So some of the books that I’ll review might not be your cup of tea or you might even be offended; don’t read them.  I’m just trying to open a new doorway for some of the readers out there or remind readers as old as I am to go for some of the oldies but goodies.

This is one of my all time favorites.  It’s a historical romance set in the 12th century.  I do believe this is one of the first romances I read that actually contained humor and not the stereotypical heroine.  Most of all, this book is about the true friendship of two women who shouldn’t have been friends at all.  During the 12th century, England and Scotland did not get along, but for two young girls at a gathering, the animosity was incidental.  Lady Judith and Frances Catherine become fast friends and get into all kinds of difficulties over the years.  At one of their gatherings, Lady Judith makes a solemn promise to Frances Catherine.  Judith will be there when Frances Catherine (always the two names together) has her first child.  Too many women died in child birth from some pretty archaic beliefs and Frances Catherine does not want to be one of them.  In addition to the story of friendship, this book shows how different people with different belief systems can truly get along.


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