Review: Wild Things (Chicagoland Vampires #9) by Chloe Neill Released: 4 February 2014

Wild Things - Chloe Neill

Action packed and gripping!!  One of the best in this series so far.

What I liked:  Wild Things was a great read.  I've enjoyed this series but not all the books in it were outstanding to me.  This one was.  The flow and completeness of the story just fascinated me.  I stayed up way too late trying to finish it in one sitting.  Then I felt I was doing the book a disservice.  I put it down and started again fresh without losing a beat.

I really felt connected to not only the story but the characters.  Ethan, for once didn't get me mad with his waffling.  He was totally committed to Merit and their relationship and was willing to put his feelings out for everyone to see.  It made him more attractive to me, not that I didn't think he was attractive before. but he actually made him like him.  

Having the Pack play a major role in Wild Things, Ms Neill, upped the ante with all the intertwining relationships and secrets.  I love Gabriel anyway so, I was glad to see him more involved in the story.  While the main storyline moved along, I felt this book was more about the characters, their relationships, their trust in each other or learning to trust each other more. was the backbone of the novel.  

No, I did not figure out the bad guy until it was revealed which was refreshing.  I'm hoping for a new mayor soon, though.  

Another thing I like about this series is the supes are having a very hard time not only with each other but they aren't automatically accepted by the humans.  I see a long row to hoe on that front.

I was especially proud that Merit opened up to Ethan and told him a few of the secrets she hadn't shared with him before this book.  He was actually more open with her in Wild Things than she was.  Maybe that's why I liked him so much more in this story.

What I didn't like:  That it was so entertaining and engrossing that I couldn't finish it in one sitting.  I didn't skim anything.  I wanted the whole experience!!

Anyone who has not tried this series, really needs to do so.  This is one I've not grown bored with at all.  Even if I wanted to smack Ethan and other characters a few times.  

As with most things today, the regular prices for mainstream author's books have increased in priced by the publishers.  I guess the days of $7.99 paperbacks are gone.  The Kindle price is $7.99 and the paperback is $12.23.  I was okay paying the $7.99 for the Kindle edition.  Thank goodness I don't buy very many paperbacks anymore.  

Highly Recommend!!!