Review: Split Second (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell #1) by David Baldacci

Split Second - David Baldacci

I've been reading too many Urban Fantasy type books and needed a break.  I love mysteries and thrillers.  I had read a couple of David Baldacci's current works and thought they might entertain me.  

What I liked:  I really love how authors portray characters.  In this instance the male lead, Sean King, is no longer the kick butt hero he used to be.  He's smart but not a ninja.  The female lead, Michelle Maxwell, is more the kick butt but she's impulsive.  The other characters are a mixed bag.  I especially liked that Mr. Baldacci showed the thought process of his characters.  I liked King and Maxwell as a team.  They were believable.    

I figured out the mystery portion of the book earlier than I would have liked but I wasn't completely right and I had the reasoning all wrong.  That's a good thing.

What I didn't like:  I think I expected more after reading a couple of Mr Baldacci's latest works,  The Innocent and The Hit.  Split Second was an entertaining quick read but not exactly memorable.  

The pricing is $6.64 for Kindle and $7.41 for the paperback.  

If you are going to read this series, I recommend getting the books from the library.  I might give the series another book or two to see what happens and if the characters progress.