Review: Dirty Magic (The Prospero's War #1) by Jaye Wells Released 21 January 2014

A heroine you won't forget.  A story you can't stop reading!!

What I liked:  When I read the synopsis for Dirty Magic (The Propero's War #1), I was excited but with caution.  It just sounded too good.  It was all that and more especially for a first book in a series.  First books have a lot to live up to.  They have to lay the foundation and as most of us know, the foundation is important but can be boring.

Ms Wells laid the foundation with panache.  I absolutely could not put this book down.  Dirty Magic is an Urban Fantasy but not a carbon copy.  The magic can be clean or dirty.  You guessed it, dirty is bad but in Kate's mind, all magic comes with baggage and she should know.  She's an Adept from a coven who's given up magic completely and become a cop.  In a world full of magic, that's not exactly easy.   

Kate Prospero is a great character because she's tough, mostly honest and more than stubborn.  She's larger than life in Dirty Magic but she also has a good supporting cast.  The secondary characters including the members of the Magic Enforcement Agency Task force are unique and intriguing.  The big connection though is with her previous love interest, John Volos, a wizard.  

I enjoyed how each character grew just enough to make you like them or hate them.  And this is just the beginning.

Ms Wells has a way with words and with snark.  I loved it!!  I was amazed at all the characters she was able to introduce in this first novel without overwhelming the reader.  And believe me, the characters are memorable.  Wait until you meet Mary and Little Man and I have a very soft spot in my heart for Baba.  

The connection Ms Wells makes between addiction to magical potions and drugs is done in such a way and without any prejudice, it's more than eye opening.

And at the very end of the book is an interview with Ms Wells that was just fascinating to read.  She provides insight into her research and some of her thoughts.  

What I didn't like:  This is oh so picky and not the author's fault at all.  Each character speaks to the author and the author names them.  Unfortunately, I now am reading series with the lead's names as follows:  Kit, Cat, and with Kate Propero, 2 Kates.  Maybe because those names sound so simple and unassuming, it makes the character's abilities bigger than life.

An excellent must read book, not just for Urban Fantasy fans, but of excellently written books.  I can't wait for the next installment, Cursed Moon!!

The price tag for either paperback at $7.86 and Kindle at $7.47 is more than worth it.  I'm sure I will be re-reading it many times.