Review: Hyde (Hyde #1) by Lauren Stewart

Hyde, an Urban Fantasy - Lauren Stewart

Really different and mostly interesting.  In case you can't tell from the title or synopsis, Hyde is about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation.  

What I liked:  This was different than most Urban Fantasy I read.  There is a lot of mystery surrounding not only Mitchell (don't call me Mitch) but Eden as well.  The backstories are okay but nothing what I would consider out of the ordinary.  

Mitchell's character was easier for me to connect with and understand.  Eden is like the synopsis says, almost sickening sweet and naive.  I found myself liking Detective Langdon the most.  

I really like the fist and last thirds of the book.  They kept my attention and I wanted to know what was next.

What I didn't like:  The middle third of Hyde almost made me quit.  It seemed to drag on and on.  Alot of angst and talking but the story didn't move.  Over and over the same dilemma and a cliffhanger ending.  

Overall, Hyde was so different it was worth it to me.  I'm not sure I'll immediately read the next in the series, Jekyll.  The cliffhanger ending mostly made me mad but I don't see how Ms Stewart could have done it any other way.

I got Hyde for free on Kindle, which you can't pass up.  However, the next in the series, Jekyll, is priced at $3.99 and the last, Strange Case, is priced at $4.99.  I think I can wait a bit before I commit to them.  You can get all three together for the Kindle at $7.99 which is about a dollar savings.