Review: The Shadow Reader (Shadow Reader #1) by Sandy Williams

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams

First a big thanks to Rabid Reads for recommending The Shadow Reader.  

What I liked:  This was a book I probably wouldn't have picked up on my own.  Based on a recommendation from a fellow blogger, I gave it a try.  It was well worth it.  It was different from the some of the other Urban Fantasy I've been reading.  First, this was not a quick, easy read for me.  Too many emotions involved.  When I saw the words college student, I was worried the lead might be too immature for my taste but, McKenzie is not a 19 year old.  She's closer to 27.  There's a reason for that, can't say more except the Fae have been in her life for a while and they keep disrupting it.  

The writing and flow of the story are good.  The nuances are even better.  Ms Williams pulls no punches and shows the blurred lines between the good and the bad.  McKenzie is naive about the good and bad.  She doesn't see the gray.  That's what drives The Shadow Reader.  There are two sides to every conflict and each only sees their own.  Her decision on who to side with is heart rending for all.

What I didn't like:  At first I was frustrated about McKenzie trying to make a decision on which side to be on but the more I read, the more I understood her dilemma.  Ms Williams did an excellent job in showing the bad of both sides.

If this hadn't been a recommendation, I might have hesitated at the Kindle price of $5.99.  I had never read the author before but it's put out by a big name publisher so that accounts for the pricing.  The paperback edition is along most paperback lines at $7.19

Highly recommend.