Review: Cast in Blood by Michelle Rabe

Cast in Blood - Michelle Rabe

Strangely addicting.

What I liked:  It's very hard to describe Cast in Blood.  Ms Rabe's writing style in this novel is unique to say the least.  There are a lot of characters but the main two are Morgan and Nicholas, who are very old vampires.  This is mostly about vampires but there are several weres and some sorcerers.  

The story starts with Morgan being kidnapped and experimented on.  The rest of the story is Morgan dealing with what the kidnappers did to her and trying to find them.  I'm not explaining this very well but the way it's written, you almost have more questions than answers and strangely, I didn't get frustrated.  

The vampires thoughts are presented in italics and at first that threw me off because I thought they were mind to mind talking.  Evidently in this world that only works with a strong blood bond. 

This feels like the first of a series of books and hopefully more will be forthcoming with the next in the series.  I still have so many questions with the events that happened.

What I didn't like:  I would have liked a bit more resolution at the ending.  It's so wide open that I felt disappointed.

If you want something completely different in an urban fantasy, try Cast in Blood.

This is an indie book and the paperback price reflects as much at $11.19.  For a fairly new author, the Kindle edition seems a bit pricey at $5.99.  I will try the next in the series to see how things develop.