Review: The Survivors Club by J. Carson Black

The Survivors Club - J. Carson Black

It seems I've been on a suspense/mystery/thriller kick lately.  That's fine as thanks to NetGalley and some blogger friends, I've found plenty to read.

J. Carson Black will now to be added to my "check out her books list".  

What I liked:  There wasn't much not to like in The Survivors Club.  The writing flowed and the descriptions kept my interest.  The characters were interesting and very human.  No kickass, super human heroine, although she does have what I will call a photographic memory.  Tess isn't a know it all and doesn't seem to have problems interacting with others.  I loved the opening because basically you knew it was important to the story but it was a mystery within itself and that's all I can say about that.

There was a clear line between the "good guys" and the bad, that was different.  While you know pretty soon who the bad guys are there is a twist that Ms Black puts in place to stir things up.  Take my word for it, you don't know what you think you do.

If you love well plotted mysteries and good writing, you'll enjoy The Survivors Club.

What I didn't like:  This is becoming key to me, the more I read.  There was a prequel to The Survivors Club, called Icon, that I would have loved to have read before reading this one.  It would have added not only to Tess' character but her love interest.  Neither GoodReads nor Amazon indicated this was the second book in what I now can see becoming a series.  I want to read a book, not research it and the author first.

I bought The Survivors Club when it was on sale on Amazon for $1.99, it is now $4.99.  The paperback edition is $8.97.  I would not have paid the $4.99 since I had never read this author before, now, I might.

Highly recommend!