Review: A Different Witch (A Modern Witch #5) by Debora Geary

A Different Witch (A Modern Witch, #5) - Debora Geary

The newest addition to an unbelievable series. I eagerly await each and every novel by this multi-talented author.

I usually read each of Ms Geary’s offerings with several tissues nearby. A Different Witch is a “different” type of heart wrenching.  Not only does it evoke strong emotions, it makes you THINK.  This novel tackles some issues which in today’s society might make people uncomfortable.

Bravo, Ms Geary. Your honesty and research shine throughout the story.  Ms Geary’s fans are in for a special treat with a Different Witch. The writing is superb, the expansion of the storyline is growing with each novel. In addition, we find our seemingly nonflappable witchy community somewhat at a loss to deal with an issue in which they have no experience and just friendship and acceptance won’t fix.

Ms Geary has no need to get on a soap box to get this message across.  She does it with seamlessly through her characters and their feelings.  Don’t miss this novel!

A Different Witch is currently available on Kindle for $3.99 and on for $13.96 or 1 credit.  It's more than worth it.

Highly Recommend!!

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