Review: Greed

Greed: A Detective John Lynch Thriller - Dan O'Shea

And here I am, finding another author I enjoy.  I might have to stay off of Net Galley for awhile.

What I liked:  Again, I was pleasantly surprised by Greed.  I didn't read the first in the series (I will go back and read it now though) and it didn't impact the reading of this book very much.  Mr. O'Shea gives you enough backstory to understand what's going on.

I enjoyed all the characters and the pacing of Greed.  I'm not sure you can call Nick Hardin a "good guy" but I really connected with his character.  The writing and story development was top notch.  I was surprised that I didn't want to put the book down and ended up staying awake way too late.  The closer it gets to the end, the more you want to know.  I'll be putting this series on my must buy list!

What I didn't like:  Be warned, there are a lot of characters and you should try to keep track of them.  It's important.

Overall, Greed hit all the right buttons for a good thriller.  If you can, start with the first in the series, Penance.  It's not completely necessary but why pass up a good read.

Both editions are a little high, Kindle is $5.79 and paperback is $10.78 but if it won't bust your book budget, it's worth the read

Highly Recommend!!