Great Read

18 Seconds - George D. Shuman

Individuals without sight seem to have highly developed other senses.  However, Sherry Moore takes it one step further and can rewind the last 18 seconds of a dead person’s life if she can touch the body.

This is the first of four currently published suspense novels in the Sherry Moore Series.  This first novel introduces Sherry as she helps her co-star, Lt Kelly O’Shaunisy track the disappearances of young women from the boardwalk area in New Jersey.

I read all four of these novels several years ago.  I should say I immersed myself in Sherry’s world as written by Mr. Shuman.  He is outstanding writing novels with a female lead. However, the leads are only as good as the suspense portion of the novels and the suspense is spine tingling in all the novels.


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