Hotshot - Julie Garwood This review is based on the audio version. 2.75 Stars

I've been reading Julie Garwood forever. When I decided to scale down my book collection, I kept all my Julie Garwood novels. I started with her historical romance and have followed her into mainstream romance. I've loved them all.

Can you see where this is going? Due to some eye problems on release day, I listened to the audio version. Not believing my ears, I then read the hardcover. It didn't change my mind. The audio version completed skewed the book for me.

I'm going to do this in reverse.

What I didn't like: The narrator for Hotshot WAS NOT what this novel needed. She was a cross between "surfer dude" and immature "Valley girl". I felt like I was listening to a young adult novel with the love interest robbing the cradle. The novel itself felt like it was all over the place. It didn't flow. Peyton and Finn's chemistry was almost creepy. She seemed so young and immature and he was not "the knight in shining armor" I'm used to in Ms Garwood's novels. There was no tension and what were supposed to be the funny parts felt contrived. If this had been the first Julie Garwood novel I read, I would never read another.

What I liked: I found some of the secondary characters more interesting than Peyton and Finn. It had a "happily ever after" ending.

Definitely avoid the audio version at all costs. I was so disappointed with the narrator I even looked her up to see what other books she had done. None I had ever read. I'm not sure what was going on with the selection of her as the narrator. I'm sure for other novels she is good but not for Hotshot.

Normally I don't mind paying the price for my hardcover "keepers". This time I was extremely disappointed. Even if you are a die hard Julie Garwood fan, check this out of the library.