Riot Act

Riot Act - Zoe Sharp Riot Act takes places within months of the first novel, Killer Instinct. This series, starring Charlie Fox by Zoe Sharp, is a good mystery series. The writing and editing are excellent. I very glad to have stumbled upon this series.

What I liked: A connection with the heroine. She's kick-ass but not perfect. More along just being human with everyone's problems. While ruthless, she has a code to only go as far as she needs too. Ms Sharp also provides more info about Charlie's past, which so frustrated me in the first novel. The descriptive narrative of the setting was great. I picture England with lots of greenery, castles and the upper class, I guess. What I got was an in depth look at the slums, poverty and real life. The world building was all too real.

What I didn't like: there were bunches and bunches of twists and turns but I knew the "bad guy" right away. I felt there were way too many characters put forth to take the attention away from the antagonist.

This is a good series. I found a connection with Charlie and wasn't satisfied until I read all the books available.

3 1/2 Stars