Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct - Zoe Sharp I picked up this book based on the blurb provided by Lee Childs. Since I enjoy mysteries, it was a good bet I'd like it. I did.

Killer Instinct is a solid first book the Charlie Fox series.

What I liked: the writing style. The series is set in England and the author, Zoe Sharp, is Bristish. Some of the terms I was unfamiliar with but I enjoyed learning different phrasings. Ms Sharp didn't create a card board cut-put heroine. Charley is all too human. Her backstory was intriguing and not fully explained which added to the mystery. The novel flowed well and the world building was okay.

What I didn't like: there wasn't much not to like. I was getting a bit tense waiting for more information on Charlie's past but it unfolded the way it needed to

As a testament to Killer Instinct, I immediately bought the next book in the series, Riot Act.

3 1/2 Stars