Magic Rises (Kate Daniels)

Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews The Kate Daniel series by wife and husband writing team, Ilona Andrews has a cult following. I enjoy being a member of the cult. This series is one of my all time favorites and I don't miss a chance to follow the authors on Twitter or miss reading their blog. (I'm really not a stalker, much). I actually read Magic Rises and listened to the audio book. Yep, I'm a sad puppy. This was the first time I listened to an audio book written by the Andrews'. The narrator, Renee Raudman is fantastic. I'd heard others talk about what an excellent job she did, now I'm hooked!

From reading the blog and watching interviews, I knew something "bad" was going to happen in Magic Rises and no, NO SPOILERS from me. I listened in trepidation through each fight scene and held my breath I don't know how many times. I was anxious through the whole book. Which is good and bad.

What I liked: I sincerely enjoyed that Magic Rises takes place away from Atlanta. It gave it some freshness and added characters. You will also appreciate all the research that went into Magic Rises. I felt like I was physically there in the mountains. I especially liked the further development of all the characters. I never even knew, or remembered that Mahon or Jim had family. Seeing those interactions just brings the characters more alive. Learning even more about Kate and Curran's background was pivotal to their characters and the story.

What I didn't like: That something bad had to happen. But it's a fact of life and the series will be better for it. I just didn't have to like it but I understand it.

I think Magic Rises is my second favorite in the series behind Magic Strikes. With more books contracted for the series, that may well change. I recently watched a video chat with Ilona and Gordon. Most of the answers to the questions was, wait till Book 7. Okay, I'm waiting.

I feel I'm not doing Magic Rises justice with this review. It's an outstanding novel. Take a deep breath and dive in. You will not be putting this book down!!

Highly recommend Magic Rises but start with book 1, Magic Bites, if you're new to the series. I recommend this series all the time to family, friends and any one I know who loves to read!!

5 Stars easily!!