Full Blooded (Jessica McClain)

Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson 3.5 Stars

A promising new Urban Fantasy series from Amanda Carlson. This first in the series gets off to a solid start with some familiar characteristics. The only female werewolf with special powers.

What I liked: I enjoy Jessica's character. She's a new werewolf, she knows it and it shows. No automatically morphing into a kick ass character. She has her moments but isn't afraid to depend on family and friends for guidance. I thought the way Ms Carlson wrote about the werewolf hierarchy was great. It was well done and understood. Jessica's relationships with her family and friends was heartwarming. They stood by her no matter what was happening. The world building is on going as it should be at the start of a series.

What I didn't like: The relationship between Rourke and Jessica seemed a bit clunky. I mean it made sense but not there, then there. The pacing of the story seemed off just a bit. My opinion only. It didn't flow smoothly.

This is not the next Rachel Morgan series or the next Mercy series. It is, however, the beginning of what I hope to be a good Urban Fantasy series. It's a good first book but not great. It will keep you interested and it's an enjoyable read. I was interested enough to continue on to the next in the series, Hot Blooded.